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6 months

Little Miss Sophie is 6 months. I really am having a hard time believing this. I mean where did 6 months go? I was thinking today I can barely remember how tiny she was when we brought her home. The thought made me sad. I wish there was some invention which recorded every single minute...

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rockin’ the converse

I don’t think I need to say much else about this photo.

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hanging with mr. cooper

I can’t even tell you how well Cooper behaves around Sophie. She pulls his ears. Pulls his fur. Pulls his chops. He just looks at me with these eyes. They ask me, “Mom, do I have to let her do this?”. He knows he does. I just look at him. Smile. Give him tons of...

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stinky feet

Little Miss Sophie has found her feet! It is probably the cutest site I have ever seen. I just hope she doesn’t bit her toes by accident…yep, she’s got a tooth (bottom right for the curious ones out there)!

Got ‘em!

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So I’ve been busy lately. Actually if you ask me what I’ve been busy doing I can’t tell you. What I can tell you is that Little Miss Sophie keeps me on my toes - 24/7 - no doubt about that! I will admit I’m loving every second of it. Anyway, I apologize profusely for...

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I read a variety of blogs daily as I am always looking for inspiration. There are even a blogs I check more than once a day! One particular blog sticks out in my mind and it is that of Erin Vey…Seattle’s Premiere Dog Photographer. A few weeks back she posted a ‘how to’ on pretty...

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mia & lexa

I consider myself someone who gets along easily with children but when you go into a shoot involving children, it’s always dicey. You hope and pray they are happy (don’t get me wrong - I’m always up for a challenge!). That they aren’t intimidated by the camera…but you can never tell. They can turn on...

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This is what happens when Little Miss Sophie Ellis flashes Jim one of her gorgeous, hands-in-mouth, flirtatious smiles…

It happens quite frequently. He’s 100% wrapped around her pudgy little finger.

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