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6 months

Little Miss Sophie is 6 months. I really am having a hard time believing this. I mean where did 6 months go? I was thinking today I can barely remember how tiny she was when we brought her home. The thought made me sad. I wish there was some invention which recorded every single minute...

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ahhh…puppy breath

Who doesn’t love puppy breath? It’s been a long while since I’ve gotten a good dose. It was definitely a nice treat when I finally found time to visit with my friend Carolyn and her new puppy Frodo. Frodo is a beagle mix and probably the most chill pup I’ve ever come across…

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green grass

Green grass. Blue sky. White clouds. Sometimes we just sit on the porch and listen to the wind blow, watch the trees sway in the wind…Sophie takes every last bit of it in. She sits very quietly and still. Just taking note of the beauty of nature. I hope she grows  to enjoy nature as...

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I’ve finally gotten some photos of Little Miss Sophie with a few of the family members…
Sophie & Aunt Laura

Sophie & cousin Taylor

Just Sophie

Okay, I had to sneak one of Cooper and his ball in here…

Sophie, Dad and Cooper

Sophie & Mom-mom

Sophie & Great Pop-pop

All we need is a little love…

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before she arrived

The day before Sophie arrived Cooper and I were doing our normal afternoon routine…playing in the yard. What a good life.

(yes, more photos of Little Miss Sophie will be posted soon!)

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color and texture

A couple weekends ago we (Tess, Andrew, Mariah and Naiffer) went to Longwood Gardens. If you have never been, you should definitely make a point of going if you are ever in the area. This time of year is tough because most of their events are inside, however, they do not disappoint in the least....

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