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dog days

I’ve been wanting to do a special post for Cooper for some time now. Since Sophie’s been born he’s been able to sneak in a few of those photos but this one is just for him. As you can imagine I’ve been super busy taking care of Sophie. She is definitely not an easy baby...

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before she arrived

The day before Sophie arrived Cooper and I were doing our normal afternoon routine…playing in the yard. What a good life.

(yes, more photos of Little Miss Sophie will be posted soon!)

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little peanut

Last week I tortured Little Miss Sophie by keeping her naked while I took her 3 week photos. I warn you…there are many, many adorable photos and I couldn’t pick just one or two to post. I’m sure you will agree once you see them!

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happy spring

It may be a smidge chilly out BUT it isn’t raining, the sun is brightly shining, I slept fairly well last night (btw, just over two weeks until the wee one decides to arrive), I’ve had some chocolate already this morning, we have some fresh hyacinths from the garden that I can smell from 2...

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caught in the act

On a normal day I walk in the door from work and Cooper always brings me his ball, which by the way, melts my heart every time. On this particular day he decided to bring me something else…

…he seems to think the baby’s toys are his toys as well. His eyes say, “Mom, I was...

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our first baby

I’d like to introduce to you our first baby…Cooper, a 6-year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Yes, he is a retriever BUT he is definitely not like a golden or a lab. Try jacking up the intensity of one of those to about 100%. He is intense. He is focused. He is the most strong-willed dog...

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