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proud mama

Since the day Sophie was born I can count on one hand how many photos have been taken of the two of us. I haven’t really been too excited about any of them except this one. The scenario: I had just finishing nursing her and was trying to get her to burp…well, she was more...

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smooth operator

Our mornings are pretty routine by now. Sophie wakes up, I nurse her, we play for about an hour and a half and then she takes her first of many naps for the day. Although Cooper is extremely patient he continues to want to be the center of attention (I don’t blame him…he didn’t ask...

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countdown to meltdown

Every night…starting at about 6 o’clock…Sophie gets antsy. She’s waiting for daddy to come home from work, waiting for her dinner, waiting for her bath…and ultimately waiting to go nighty-night. It’s my job to distract her, in any way I possibly can until just about 7 o’clock. That’s when the fun begins. Oh and what’s...

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3 months

On Monday, Little Miss Sophie Ellis turned 3 months old. I can barely comprehend it. When people told me to enjoy the time when she is this young - because it goes so quickly - I didn’t believe them. That was clearly very foolish of me but I can honestly say I wake up every...

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I’ve finally gotten some photos of Little Miss Sophie with a few of the family members…
Sophie & Aunt Laura

Sophie & cousin Taylor

Just Sophie

Okay, I had to sneak one of Cooper and his ball in here…

Sophie, Dad and Cooper

Sophie & Mom-mom

Sophie & Great Pop-pop

All we need is a little love…

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little peanut

Last week I tortured Little Miss Sophie by keeping her naked while I took her 3 week photos. I warn you…there are many, many adorable photos and I couldn’t pick just one or two to post. I’m sure you will agree once you see them!

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daddy lovin’

It takes a lot for Jim to agree to have his photo taken but in this case no bribery was offered…it just wasn’t necessary.

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11 days

Hhmmm…pianist in the making?

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mina ruth

Before you get too excited, this isn’t my baby girl! Remember, my due date is April 29th =) It is my friend Janet’s newborn. I’d like to introduce to you Little Miss Mina Ruth. This was taken a few weeks ago when she was just about 2 weeks old. I am not sure you can...

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first blog

Hi there!  So, I decided it’s finally time to blog. I’m probably the last person on earth to jump on the band wagon but here I am. If you haven’t read my bio yet I can give you the short version…I am wildly passionate about animals in general but let’s face it, dogs rule! And...

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