almost ready

Her room is just about ready. Her wash is done. We have a comfy chair. We hung some decorations. We have the crib. We are just waiting on the dresser/changing table. While we are waiting I thought I would share with you an update of my belly.

8 1/2 months pregnant

kathy - Can't wait for the baby. Only wish Mom was here too.

laura - So, everytime I see this picture of you and Sophie I immediately start to cry...tears of joy of course! I love you and I am so happy for you and Jim!

gail coffey - Jen, you look absolutly beautiful. HI sophie

Jim - Beautiful picture, beautiful girls!!

naomi - What a neat little tummy!! You look great.

Adrian - looks like the only thing left to do is take the bun out of the oven. The timer is about to ding, lady :)

Darrell - .... tnx!...

Kirk - .... tnx for info....

daniel - .... good info!...

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