smooth operator

Our mornings are pretty routine by now. Sophie wakes up, I nurse her, we play for about an hour and a half and then she takes her first of many naps for the day. Although Cooper is extremely patient he continues to want to be the center of attention (I don’t blame him…he didn’t ask for this little person to invade his sweet life!). It is really very cute but sometimes when Sophie and I are playing on the floor it’s tough. He needs to stand in between Sophie, me & the toy. After lots of aww’ing him and some coaxing, he plops down right next to me…well, almost on top of me. On this paticular day, Sophie and I were in our bedroom playing on her activity mat. Cooper was feeling a little left out. So, he nonchalantly made his move from the bed to the floor. Right next to us. I need to mention that up until Sophie came into the picture Cooper was not a huge fan of letting me photograph him unless we were outside. Lately, he doesn’t even budge when I grab my camera, stick it in his face and snap a couple of shots.


ernest - .... ñýíêñ çà èíôó....

Christian - .... hello!!...

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