happy spring

It may be a smidge chilly out BUT it isn’t raining, the sun is brightly shining, I slept fairly well last night (btw, just over two weeks until the wee one decides to arrive), I’ve had some chocolate already this morning, we have some fresh hyacinths from the garden that I can smell from 2 rooms away…I’d say it is a good day!

Meanwhile…Cooper wanted to wish everyone a Happy Spring! Have a wonderful day!


Jennifer - Claire, thanks! Cooper was sitting on our bed directly in front the window and it was taken with the 24-70mm. His head was hanging over the bed and I was on the floor...imagine a 9 month pregnant lady crouched on the floor trying to maneuver - not a pretty sight ;)

Claire - wow, LOVE this photo! what was the lighting/lens situation?? such great, dramatic light.

Amanda - Hi cooper! Hope everything is going well there, can't wait to see Sophie! I wish it felt like spring here, the last three days its been freezing.

kathy - Hi Coop, Lucy says hi.

ben - .... ñïñ!!...

Gene - .... ñïàñèáî çà èíôó!!...

Rene - .... tnx for info!...

Brandon - .... ñýíêñ çà èíôó!!...

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