Monthly Archives: March 2010


It’s been nice to have a brief period of reprieve! That being said I am happy to say Little Miss Sophie’s top two teeth have finally broken through. Thank goodness for her. Thank goodness for us. I just can’t imagine the pain. I’m really just glad she won’t remember it.  Since she really hasn’t been...

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work it

I’m pretty certain we all felt awkward while in high school. I know I did. I was tall. Lanky. No boobs. No butt. Quiet. Low self-esteem. Not quite sure what ‘crowd’ I fit into.  I have known the girls of this day and age are very different from when I was in school but the...

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she’s got legs

I’m not gonna lie. It’s been a rough couple of weeks. Little Miss Sophie is teething and it’s been fun for noone (even Cooper). On top of teething she has a major case of separation anxiety.  I will be honest and say the whining and crying can get to you but when I look into...

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