Monthly Archives: February 2010

my sunshine

I would have to say the snow & cold weather is definitely getting to us. I mean you can only play with the same toys for so many days in a row. Or concoct a toy that is entertaining that won’t go straight into her mouth. Luckily I’ve got the cutest little girl with quite...

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old is new

I recently tried to sell my 100mm macro on eBay.  It didn’t sell. At first I was disappointed because I’m trying to save for the Canon 5D Mark II and plus I didn’t use as often as I thought I would…but I’m actually glad because I really do love taking  macro photos.  I took some...

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Well, I didn’t have the opportunity to shoot Sal Jr. when he was first born (I had a nagging cold) but I did get to shoot him a few weeks later. I was hoping he would still be sleeping a majority of the day but that wasn’t the case. He happened to be awake the...

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