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little peanut

Last week I tortured Little Miss Sophie by keeping her naked while I took her 3 week photos. I warn you…there are many, many adorable photos and I couldn’t pick just one or two to post. I’m sure you will agree once you see them!

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1 month

I can hardly believe it but we had our 1 month check up today. Here are Little Miss Sophie’s current stats:
Weight - 10 lbs (came home from the hospital at 7 lbs 5 oz)
Height - 22 in (came home from the hospital at 21 in)

10 lbs you ask? Yes! Please notice in the photo above...

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daddy lovin’

It takes a lot for Jim to agree to have his photo taken but in this case no bribery was offered…it just wasn’t necessary.

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11 days

Hhmmm…pianist in the making?

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