Monthly Archives: March 2009

caught in the act

On a normal day I walk in the door from work and Cooper always brings me his ball, which by the way, melts my heart every time. On this particular day he decided to bring me something else…

…he seems to think the baby’s toys are his toys as well. His eyes say, “Mom, I was...

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almost ready

Her room is just about ready. Her wash is done. We have a comfy chair. We hung some decorations. We have the crib. We are just waiting on the dresser/changing table. While we are waiting I thought I would share with you an update of my belly.

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color and texture

A couple weekends ago we (Tess, Andrew, Mariah and Naiffer) went to Longwood Gardens. If you have never been, you should definitely make a point of going if you are ever in the area. This time of year is tough because most of their events are inside, however, they do not disappoint in the least....

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mina ruth

Before you get too excited, this isn’t my baby girl! Remember, my due date is April 29th =) It is my friend Janet’s newborn. I’d like to introduce to you Little Miss Mina Ruth. This was taken a few weeks ago when she was just about 2 weeks old. I am not sure you can...

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