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old is new

I recently tried to sell my 100mm macro on eBay.  It didn’t sell. At first I was disappointed because I’m trying to save for the Canon 5D Mark II and plus I didn’t use as often as I thought I would…but I’m actually glad because I really do love taking  macro photos.  I took some...

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I’ve been putting off playing with my flash and soft box for what seems like years. Oh wait, it has been years. Sshhh, don’t laugh. To tell you the truth it is very intimidating to me. I know I need to just jump into it but ‘other things’ seem to get in the way. Just...

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I read a variety of blogs daily as I am always looking for inspiration. There are even a blogs I check more than once a day! One particular blog sticks out in my mind and it is that of Erin Vey…Seattle’s Premiere Dog Photographer. A few weeks back she posted a ‘how to’ on pretty...

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This is what happens when Little Miss Sophie Ellis flashes Jim one of her gorgeous, hands-in-mouth, flirtatious smiles…

It happens quite frequently. He’s 100% wrapped around her pudgy little finger.

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proud mama

Since the day Sophie was born I can count on one hand how many photos have been taken of the two of us. I haven’t really been too excited about any of them except this one. The scenario: I had just finishing nursing her and was trying to get her to burp…well, she was more...

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smooth operator

Our mornings are pretty routine by now. Sophie wakes up, I nurse her, we play for about an hour and a half and then she takes her first of many naps for the day. Although Cooper is extremely patient he continues to want to be the center of attention (I don’t blame him…he didn’t ask...

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the crib

Our Little Miss Sophie is now 2 months old (a whopping 12 lbs 12 oz too!). I know. I can hardly believe it. Where did the time go…yet I feel as though she’s been in our lives forever. It’s an unbelievable feeling really.
She’s been having trouble staying asleep while taking her naps so one day...

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I’ve finally gotten some photos of Little Miss Sophie with a few of the family members…
Sophie & Aunt Laura

Sophie & cousin Taylor

Just Sophie

Okay, I had to sneak one of Cooper and his ball in here…

Sophie, Dad and Cooper

Sophie & Mom-mom

Sophie & Great Pop-pop

All we need is a little love…

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before she arrived

The day before Sophie arrived Cooper and I were doing our normal afternoon routine…playing in the yard. What a good life.

(yes, more photos of Little Miss Sophie will be posted soon!)

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little peanut

Last week I tortured Little Miss Sophie by keeping her naked while I took her 3 week photos. I warn you…there are many, many adorable photos and I couldn’t pick just one or two to post. I’m sure you will agree once you see them!

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